Managed Hosting and Domain Registration

Don't have time to deal with finding the right hosting plan? Don't worry about it. I provide hosting on a server that I personally manage for as little as $100.00 a year. I'll also help you select and register a domain name if you need one.

Web Design

I can create a stunning design or implement one you already have. I can take your brand image and create a design that uses it to its full potential. All too often useful websites are overlooked because they lack clarity of elements, contain over-the-top designs, or are just very hideous. Let me help you find the balance between visual beauty and utility.


Drupal is a highly customizable content management system (cms). It provides a framework for the rapid development of solid websites from simple online business cards to highly interactive web applications. With a growing list of community-maintained, highly customizable, tested modules. You can be sure your Drupal website will be free of clunky elements that just don't work or need rebuilding every time you need to add something. Furthermore, if you're on a tight budget, a Drupal website is simple enough for a non-technical person to maintain the majority of the content.


Yes, I am aware the last time I updated my website, we were all on myspace.

I suppose it's time I brought it into the future and perhaps do write-ups when I learn stuff instead of just talking the next person I interact with to sleep.

oh and yes, seeking new opportunities. Don't waste your time with the forms, just email me directly